Friday 27 March 2015

Trendy Wedding Decoration Themes

Now what’s a wedding without some flowers, glitz and gold? As one of best wedding decorators in Bangalore we know that wedding décor is of paramount importance.

One might ask, what makes each wedding different? While the bride and groom are bound to be different, it is the wedding décor that matters. Arrangement of flowers, tables, candles and the choreography of the event is what make things different for each wedding.
Red carpets, soft cushions, water founds, petal showers and will the groom land in a helicopter? How about a romantic wedding by the pool or a garden wedding with over a thousand flowers blooming around you?

There are many wedding stage decorators who think that decorating the stage is the end of their job but it is never so with the wedding planners. Wedding stage is one of the main venues that need to be decorated not only beautifully but also creatively. Every day thousands of people get married and how can we differentiate one wedding from the other if the stage holds the same gilded thrones and flowers.
As professional wedding planners, we also hold the coveted title of best wedding stage decorators in Bangalore. And that’s because we add a creative zing to the wedding décor instead of stereotyping it.
With theme weddings trending these days, we take in pride in putting together unique themes that represent the personality of the couple who are to wed.
Garden weddings are so in this year and we can guarantee you the Spring even during Summer. Natural flowers, floral decorations and greenery everywhere! We use this theme to fill in your indoor venue with floral arrangements and green boughs with blossoms that fill the air.

For those who are a bit whimsical in nature we could arrange a fairy tale wedding or a circus themed one with a lot of fun elements thrown in.
Vintage has become very popular off-late with lace, antique and pale creams in place. Many brides today request a vintage look for their wedding with a lot of lace, pearls and peonies.
As one of the best stage decorators in Bangalore, we recreate each of these themes in the centre stage using appropriate flowers and props. Each of these pieces are hand-picked elements that add much character to the theme in hand. And that’s how each of our wedding, becomes as unique as possible.


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