Friday 27 March 2015

A day in a wedding planner’s life

Glamourized by movies like Band Baja Baraat and others, many are under the impression that wedding planning is a breeze! But is it truly a breeze? We think not.
As one of the leading wedding planners in Bangalore, we have been in this business for over a decade. We have coordinated thousands of weddings and have escorted thousands of brides all the way to their new homes, in the arms of their grooms. Yet no two weddings are the same.
Many wedding planners have a different approach to work with but we believe in customizing and adding unique elements that reflect the personality of the couple. Right from vibrant to subtle, beautiful celebrations to robust revelries, we have tailored each wedding to make them different and special.
A wedding planner’s life is ruled by lists. A master list, sub lists, list of tasks for each coordinator, a list for the caterer, florist, travel, venue and of course a list of lists… As we check, recheck and double check each and every item off our list, a dream wedding happens on the cue.
Special flowers, unique décor, special guests, last-minute travel plans, venue woes, special food requirements, an impromptu bed for that that cancer stricken uncle who somehow made it for the last wedding that he would attend, we have catered to many little things that never made it to our list in the first place. We believe that every little thing that we do adds to make your big day memorable and special. Our passion for creativity has transformed us into one of the best wedding planners in Bangalore available today.
And what makes us the best… we wouldn’t ponder long on this question because the answer is simple. We just need to wear different hats to keep the show going. In our profession, one needs to know everything and be prepared for anything. You need to have a finger on the time and at the same time, make sure that the flowers are fresh. Did the caterer get those extra tissues and did that beautician make it on time?
For a short while, we become the BFF of the bride and her parents. We allay their fears and take all their stress upon ourselves so that they get to enjoy their ‘day’. In the end, we think that’s what matters the most and one of the biggest perks of this profession is that we get to design somebody’s dream and bring it to fruition. We have clients who come to us again and again only because they want to enjoy the day that they have paid for and not get stressed and our only guarantee is that we would make it worth their while. With the best wedding planners in Bangalore on your case, you will have a memorable wedding for sure!

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